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Blinkie ? [14 Apr 2004|07:42pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I just want to know what this Community is all about ...

reply, please ?


*(11)* *blinkie?!*

[04 May 2003|01:19am]


Can I get one like that but have it say: Gremlins with the same colors?

~Cabana Canuck//Sara
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[29 Jul 2002|11:20am]

Can u make me a blinkie that has a dark brown backround, with light colored brown teddybears on both sides, and the font color is the same color as the teddybears. Make it in font redensek. Thanx!
*(1)* *blinkie?!*

Blinkie Request [27 Jul 2002|08:31pm]
I was wondering if you could make me a blinkie that says.."BTBnAB4E" with out the ". In blues..and if you could have a heart bounce over the letters.

And then if you could make one that says.. "Icka" with out the ". And have it be in green and blues..with a star bouncing over them if you can.

Thanks Erica
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[22 Jul 2002|04:54pm]
Hey this is Tara, I run this community with my friend Lisa (limage). In it we make blinkies! We will try our hardest to fufill your requests, but there may be some that we are not capable of doing.
NOTE:If you take any blinkies that are not made for you we will kick you out of the community! LoL
Tara + Lisa<33
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