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Blinkie ?

I just want to know what this Community is all about ...

reply, please ?

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Hi my names Jillian, I was just wondering if you could make me a blinkie saying like...I just wanna have fun;-) if pink and the backround like black. K well thats all!:-)
hey girlies! i just started this journal thing a few days ago -and i have noo *friends* to add for my account catagory. if i add u, will u add me?
hey will u add me in this community? thanx hun x0o kris
hi, i see on your journal that u have more than one icon and it looks like for every entry is a different one and then u have your main one on the top, how did u do that, if u look on mine, it doesn't do that. can u please help?
we is hear to anser yous burnin qwestions. pleze leave dem wit us and we wills fit you into da skedule. p.s.- dat burnin sensashun is somewhat normal. we out.
Wow. Learn how to spell and use correct grammar.
hey i was just searching interest and i looked up swimming and so i saw ur site and i think ur site is awesome! lol. umm how do you do those like stars blinking where it says ****blinkies****? That's so0o0o cooL! and i like how you did that tara + lisa <3....how did you do that? anything ur site is awesome!
come join x0_plastics!!

its a fun rating and competing community!!

if you decide to check us out, say that lilmisskinkyk sent you ;o)

thanks and have a great day!! <33 kelli*
Wats up hun? I luv ur journal add me=D plz!!
Added <3
hei im new at this and i would like to know, how i can fix my page like that ? if you can answer thanks :]